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Regatta at Kiev Sea


The cost of the regatta  

from 18500 UAH / regatta:
- 3500 UAH / judicial and rescue technical vessel, contribution to the yacht club
- 15000 UAH / 3 yachts (in each 4-5 participants and the captain)
Min number of yachts for regatta - 3 pcs.



General information

Regatta - competition consisting of a series of races of ships
For companies from 12 to 50 people
The minimum number of yachts for the regatta - 3 pieces
The duration of the regatta is from 3 to 6 hours (depending on the number of participants and weather conditions on the day of the event)
Location - Kiev reservoir (6 km from the Vyshgorod dam)
All yachts that participate in the corporate regatta correspond to a single measurement formula, therefore the order of arrival of sailing ships determines the winner.
The crew of the yacht - 6 people (captain and 5 representatives of the client)
Preliminary preparation is not required!
Age of participants - from 15 to 65 years