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Captains International School

If you wish in a company of friends to rent a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea and SAIL INDEPENDEDLY traveling about seas, visiting islands and countries, Rentflot company can offer you a training course on operating motor and sail yacht and receive INTERNATIONAL BAREBOAT CAPTAIN/SKIPPER diploma (BSS certificate).

Training is conducted according to the American yachting system "International Yacht Training" (IYT). This yachting training system is already well spread worldwide and has offices in twenty-nine countries. The training for cadets from CIS countries is in Russian. After finishing the course and passing the test successfully, we prepare and provide you with IYT licenses, which are accepted by all the leading companies of yacht charter in the world.

The complete training course includes Theory (6 classes of 3 hours) and Practice (3 classes of 3 hours), as well as a training trip (crediting navigation) in the Mediterranean Sea (7-14 days), after completing of which you receive BSS certificate (BAREBOAT SKIPPER Sail) and International Boating&Sailing Passport. In this case, it is possible to complete the entire course (theory and practice) in the two-week voyage in the Mediterranean.

Cost of training - 1200-1500 USD (depends upon season)