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To Velyky Island !

The island "Velyky" is the most popular and visited place for recreation on ship, motor and small sail yachts. From the bird's eye view Velyky Island resembles lagoon in shape of crescent moon or quiestion mark, with quiet back water inside the island.

The island "Velyky" is located within Kiev boundaries, not far from Vyshgorod city, just a few kilometers from the lock of Kiev Reservoir. It's about 1.5 hour of sailing in ship from central river station.

This is the most picturesque area with beautiful beaches, clean river sand, variety of meadows, pine forest, delightful sandy beaches.

There is also an equipped ground on the island for festive events:


•    magnificent pine trees and vegetation with multiple clean clearings
•    moored pontoon with easy access to the beach
•    tents, tables and chairs for 100 persons
•    2 BBQs for 30 skewers
•    3 hammox to rest
•    volleyball ground
•    football gates (2 units)

Rental price: 50 UAH/person*

* In case of renting the liner «Serebryanyi Briz» (Silver Breeze) (passenger capacity - 80 pers) with our catering services, - the ground is provided for FREE !!!