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Rental of Watercraft

For single or group short trips at high speed the best option would be to rent a watercraft, Kiev can provide such an opportunity for all those fond of fast ride on water surface. Such a rent of a watercraft in Kiev gives you an unforgettable impression and a lot of fun. Moreover, if you want to rent a watercraft, the Dnieper is the best place for active recreation. Therefore, rent of watercraft is an exciting event that perfectly suits to all those who want to have a good holiday on the water.

Watercraft Technical information Towing equipment
2 units
2 units

watercraft "Bombardier GTX WAKE":
- power: 155 hp
watercraft "Bombardier RXT":
- power: 215 and 255 hp
- engine power: turbo

banana for 4 persons
pliushka (inflatable donut attached)
water skis
tablet (attraction)


Rental cost

Watercraft "Bombardier RXT (155 hp)":
- min. order - 2 hrs
- 995 UAH/hour - without water attractions or
- 1195 UAH/hour - with 2 optional attractions (banana, donut, water skiis, mono ski, wakeboard, tablet)
Watercraft "Bombardier RXT (215 and 255 hp)":
- min. order - 2 hrs
- 1200 and 1500 UAH/hour - without water attractions

Rental cost includes:
- instructor service
- life jacket

Rental cost not includes:
- 350 UAH - transportation of watercraft to islands Velyky, Olgin, Vezenia, Vodnikov, i.e. within Kiev water area

General information

Four watercrafts available!
Personal control of watercraft (without instructor) prohibited when intoxicated or in cases, when the person drives watercraft for the first time.
In case of using water attractions watercraft is controlled by our instructor!
The person who takes the driver's seat bears responsibility for intactness of the watercraft and in case of damage to it compensates the damage.